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The BeaLSS Project

Why unsold goods are destroyed and customers don’t find what they are looking for?
The Slip-on Shoes You Are Exactly Looking For Always Available (... and In the Same Time of a Classical Online Shop)

The Bealss Slip-on by Camil & St John

On a mission to make shoes production more responsible and clients more satisfied by delivering travel, beach, free time and lifestyle footwear, the BeaLSS Project was born with this specific dual purpose.

The typical unpleasant situation, clients experience entering a shop looking for a pair of shoes, is missing the size of the favorite model and to be forced to settle for something else. And the strange thing is that the unsold goods destroyed by fashion industry are quite far from negligible. Why persist with this contradiction detrimental to the environment and unsatisfying for the most part of clients? Why not give the customers the opportunity to buy exactly and always what they need?

The answer to those problems has been the dual aim our project was born and grown up.

Hey, but what about delivery time?  Custom-made products are usually delivered after quite a long time that only few are willing to wait. In order to make purchasing experience better than an usual shop we have organized our production process and designed our shoes to be made and shipped just in a few days.

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Curious about to know where does the name BeaLSS come from? That another reason to subscribe our newsletter.

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Camil & St John is a brand focused on shoes manufacturing with a particular aim relevant to digital transformation, sustainability and improvement of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a new approach adopted in the production process it will be possible to buy a new and personalized pair of shoes as in a classical online shop.

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