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About Camil & St John

How we have managed resource respect together with design, style and fashion industry

If beauty will save the world, fashion shall play an important role

Camil and St John wanted to create a product that could truly contribute to the change in the fashion world. It is a difficult and challenging bet. Because it’s easy to write about how green your products are, much harder it is to prove it with facts. How many times does the doubt hover in the consumer’s mind: “But will it really be like this?” The sustainability became mainstream and immediately after all the products on the market adapted to the most severe green standards, but they are practically identical to the previous ones.

In Camil & St John we wanted to give more importance to facts than words. Because we believe that sustainability is a serious and essential thing for an industry as important as that of fashion, especially when it comes to Made in Italy. For this reason Camil and St John decided to adopt a model that would allow to produce only what is needed and to sell directly to the customer eliminating needless intermediate steps. In this way we were able to optimize production, reduce any unnecessary waste and eliminate any doubt that the customer might have about our products.

We have always believed that it was a real cruelty to destroy the unsold goods and that it was necessary to find a different solution. Moreover we have always found curious that in parallel to such an abundance of products sometimes a customer couldn’t buy an item because of its unavailability for example of the right size, preferred color and so on. The choice of a technological approach to support design, production and sales has allowed us to formulate our response both to overproduction and apparels availability. And this is how and the reason why our slip-on shoes were born.

If you share our values ​​and think like us that fashion, design and style are as important as the environment in which we live, or if you are just curious to see what we will do, we invite you to become part of our community.
We have made a mission of style, beauty and respect for the environment, so that our customers have no doubts about how important their role is for sustainability but without sacrificing the value of design.

Camil & St John, unequal design Made in Italy slip-on. The matchless style shoes that actively contribute to change fashion activities in a more sustainable industry.

Camil & St John, walk smarter and live better!

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Camil & St John is a brand focused on shoes manufacturing with a particular aim relevant to digital transformation, sustainability and improvement of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a new approach adopted in the production process it will be possible to buy a new and personalized pair of shoes as in a classical online shop.

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