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Walking on wrong size shoes isn’t smart


Walking on wrong size shoes isn’t smart and either comfortable. This is the reason why we prepared this detailed size guide to allow people to get the right size from the first order. Please read carefully our Return Policy for Custom Made goods.

Size Guide

Our sizing is based on European Standard with some slightly modifications mainly due to our unique design and 40 years experience in custom-made shoes manufacturing.

The sizing chart corresponds to true last measures so any customer can easily evaluate their own fitting and size just measuring their feet length and width.

We suggest to choose the smaller correspondent size because our slip-on are made in order to stretch and adapt to the feet in a very short time. Moreover the lateral buckle can provide an additional adjustment allowing the customer to increase or decrease by 8mm ( 5/16 inch. ) the shoes width making them extremely versatile.

Please see our chart and in case of doubts don’t hesitate to contact us.


Some additional informations about our shoes

FAQ & Suggestions

How should initially fit my shoes?

Design and materials are chosen to adapt rapidly to the feet. Therefore we suggest to choose the smaller size correspondent to your feet. Initially the shoes will be snug and close fitting (but never painful) and will be perfectly fitting in a few days use.

The toes have been design in order to allow toes free movements both you are sit down relaxed and even more during walk.

Are half sizes available?

No at the moment because of the high versatility and adaptability of the design of our shoes to a large range of feet.

How long it will take to break my shoes?

Design and materials have been arranged to adapt rapidly to the feet. For the models with crepe sole the perfect feet should be reached in a few days of use.
For the leather sole models the time range for breaking in the shoes (and soles) is slightly longer measurable in any case in one or two weeks of use.
In any case both for crepe sole and leather sole models it shouldn’t be necessary to take your shoes to a cobbler to stretch them.

Can I send you an email with my foot measurements in order to help me to choose the best fit size?

We will be happy to help our customers to be a satisfied customer therefore feel free to email us at contact@camilstjohn.com for any advice about sizing or any other suggestion. We will replay as soon as possible!

I have seen in the product pictures that the sole is stitched. Will I feel the stitch inside?

Coming off of shoes soles is always an unpleasant inconvenient that can be very well prevented by stitching the sole. with respect to simple gluing, stitched soles are an additional operation typical of high end shoes. This operation is made with specific threads slotting them in the internal mounting sole. That makes almost impossible to feel the internal threads

I like filling my toes free to move inside my shoes both when I’m sitting and moreover when I walk. Does your shoes provide free room in the toes?

Absolutely yes! Our shoes have been design specifically to allow toes being free to move inside the shoes. This is a typical need during hot season.

Are your shoes breathable?

Absolutely yes! Our shoes provide a high breathability level for the best comfort and it is obtained in particular by materials the shoes are made of. The soft leather suede of the upper and the thick soft vegetable leather of the internal sole assure comfort and sweat elimination.

Are your shoes sustainable?

Overproduction is universally considered one of the worst aspects in fashion industry because it make necessary to destroy unsold goods. Therefore making only what you need should be an important goal you long to. Sharing this philosophy we decided to optimize the making process of our shoes allowing the customers be an active part on sustaining environment, fashion industry jobs without be penalized by their choices.

Moreover we utilize 100% Italian leather. At the moment Italian tanneries we collaborate with can assure extremely high quality row materials

More information about our shoes?

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